Prayer Stories

After each of our 24/7 prayer experiences, we ask people to share stories of what God has done in their lives or how the time of prayer has impacted them. Here are some of their stories.

“This week God showed me through hurt and disappointment he was still there. He didn’t let me down, but the hurt was self-induced from not trusting him to my full capacity and allowing fear to consume me. He has taken that fear away. He is showing me how to trust him more every day.”

“God challenged me in prayer time this week on where my ultimate allegiance lies. I dearly love my country, but he graciously challenged me to be as passionate—no, more passionate—in my citizenship in heaven as I am in my citizenship in this country. I am ultimately a citizen of HEAVEN and I want to bring more brothers and sisters with me.”

“God showed up for me this week when I told my older boys that I was going to go do the hour prayer again and asked if they wanted to come—they both excitedly said yes. I got to spend an hour teaching and praying with them.”

“This week I was reminded that I had stopped trusting God with a situation. When I gave it back to God, I felt a calmness and peace I’d been missing for a while.”

“I was ready to break with the things going on in my life. I didn’t know how I could get everything done and meet everyone’s expectations. Then God changed the expectations without me having to say a word. He removed obstacles and inspired thoughts. Thank you, LORD!”

“God has given me strength this week, to be strong in faith, forgiveness, and compassion.”

“I have never prayed for a full hour before. That hour was a special time...something I will never forget and something I will do again.”