Active Membership

Active participation

Active Membership is about a shared affirmation and commitment to participate in the church, the body of Christ. As disciples of Jesus, we want to be with  Jesus, become like Jesus, and do the things Jesus did. This class will help you discover more about these values.

We all play an active role in the life of the church, we are all participants of his body, and we all have a role to play.

Why does it matter?

We believe in the value of Active Membership in the local church. It’s about personal responsibility, shared affirmation, and commitment to participation within the church—the body of Christ. From a biblical perspective, members of the body have a specific purpose to play within the larger whole.

Church membership is not about power, control, entitlement, or dues. It’s about participating in the body, to be transformed by the gospel, to make disciples.

Take a next step

Even if you’ve been coming to CrossPoint for years and have been through a previous membership class here, this class is for you. And if you’re newer around here, it’s definitely for you, too. We offer both online and in-person options for this class, and you’ll spend time with other people who are taking this important step as part of the CrossPoint family.