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CrossPoint Communities are smaller, diverse groups of 8-12 people focused on learning and practicing what it means to follow Jesus on a weekly basis in community. All of our communities gather for a meal together while taking a deeper look at the Scripture passages that are taught in the Sunday gathering. Together, we discuss and take steps to practice and implement God’s truth in community.

We believe discipleship to Jesus happens when we gather together—not only around a stage, but around tables. Authentic and transformative relationships grow when smaller communities gather consistently and habitually to practice the way of Jesus.

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CrossPoint Communities are incredible spaces for practicing the presence of Jesus, experiencing transformation, and pursuing the mission God has given our church.

Community FAQs

Do I have to go through the Rooted Experience before joining a CPC?
No. If Rooted is available it is highly recommended to start with Rooted but it is not required before joining a CP community. When Rooted does become available, we recommend stepping out of community for the 10-week Rooted Experience and then rejoining your community when finished with Rooted. To find out more about Rooted click HERE.

What does it cost?
Cost is free. We do eat together when we gather and ask everyone to contribute what they can. We believe this is part of how we grow in love, invest in one another, and practice hospitality. While each community is different, many eat together by sharing the main dish on a rotating basis. However, we would never want the cost of this to inhibit someone from participating in community. If you have concerns, please let us know.

Where will my group meet?
We meet in homes located throughout the LC Valley.

What is the commitment?
We ask people to make an annual commitment to their community.

If I have children, can I bring them?
Yes, you can bring them and we encourage it. Each family with children will be placed in a home that has accommodations in place for any children present. When filling out the form to join a CP Community, please provide us with as much information as possible so we know how to best accommodate your needs.