The Power of Prayer

Praying together

Several times each year, we intentionally make time to pray together at CrossPoint. Our 24/7 prayer experience is an opportunity to pursue the presence of God as a church family through 168 hours of continuous prayer. We encourage and invite you to step into this powerful time and join us as we practice the rhythm of being with God.

“God showed up for me this week when I told my older boys that I was going to go do the hour prayer again and asked if they wanted to come—they both excitedly said yes. I got to spend an hour teaching and praying with them.” 

May we pray for you?

We believe prayer can be and should be a normal, central part of life. Prayer is learning to have a conversation. It’s our primary means of communication with God and can be woven into the daily life of each person who follows Jesus—it’s not reserved just for the big, scary moments of life.