Love the Valley is a focused commitment to being a Jesus-centered, redemptive presence in our communities. Our goal is to see people participate in meaningful projects throughout the area, so our neighbors can encounter the life-changing love of Jesus.

Love the Valley is a focused commitment to being a Jesus-centered, redemptive presence locally. Our goal is to see people participate in dozens of projects before the end of the year, so our neighbors can encounter the life-changing love of Jesus.

Details on Funding for Service Projects

1. Anyone who considers CrossPoint their church home can apply for a grant of up to $1,000.

2. Projects need to assist something or someone local (other than the person applying or their own family) who is far from God, and need to be focused on the LC Valley.

3. Do it together! Find at least three other people to participate in your project.

4. Multiply the money. Find ways to get creative and multiply the gift! (Example: Instead of using the $1,000 to help pay someone’s medical bills, use the $1,000 to organize a fundraiser to raise $5,000.)

5. Tell your story. We ask for you to report back with details of how the project went and how the funds were used, and we ask you to be open to video and pictures. We want to tell the stories and celebrate God’s love shown through your project!

What’s the Right Project for You?

The best project idea is the one already in your head and heart—the idea God has been nudging and nagging you to do but you haven’t tried yet. It’s time to listen. It’s time to love. But if you need help getting some ideas flowing, we’ve put together a list of sample projects—maybe one of these ideas will resonate with you!
• Start a 1:1 matching book drive for library books for a local school.

• Run a soccer camp for lower-income neighborhood kids, refugee communities, or another specific group.

• Coordinate help for families with a parent/spouse deployed—childcare, yard work, or other meaningful assistance.

• Host a 5k race as a fundraiser for a special project/need.

• Make crafts or other items to sell, and donate 100 percent of the proceeds to a local nonprofit helping people with disabilities; Love the Valley money would go toward buying supplies.

• Raise money for a playset in the backyard for a single dad and install it for his kids.

• Host an event to bless families with special-needs children in the area.

• Provide a Single Mom’s Day Out—childcare, spa, and so on.

• Host a bike giveaway for kids who don’t have one.
• Throw a baby shower for families who have babies in the NICU at St. Joe’s or Tri-State. Treat them well and give them a chance to celebrate.

• Host a sports camp for kids for free.

• Get bus passes to people who need them and can't afford to ride the bus.

• Host a neighborhood BBQ—people can buy tickets with the proceeds benefiting a specific cause.

• Takeover/love on a laundry mat and the people who are there washing their clothes.

• Start a monthly/weekly dinner in the community room of an apartment/townhome complex to build community.

• Provide suits and haircuts to people who are out of work and looking for jobs.

• Help someone who needs to move into an apartment but doesn’t have money for the deposit. Help with money but also coordinate moving truck, help find furniture they need, buy groceries for their fridge, and so on.

• Fix up a home that needs work.
• Provide safe/affordable childcare for parents who need to work.

• Find families with funeral debt they can’t afford and help them in some way.

• Raise money to pay off medical debt for a person who has experienced a significant physical crisis.

• Provide or fix cars for single parents.

• Give flowers to nursing home residents, single parents, or another specific group.

• Adopt a foster family and bless them on a regular basis.

• Care for someone who has experienced a fire or disaster.

• Create a pop-up for free family photo sessions.

• Refresh a teacher’s lounge at a local school. Get donations for paint, furniture, great coffee machine, and so on.

• Provide fresh Christmas trees to families that can’t afford them.