You aren’t a Christian because your parents were. Your family doesn’t save you; Jesus does. You’re also not a Christian just because you go to church. Your good actions aren’t your savior, and your church isn’t your savior. Jesus is.

The true story of Jesus has forever shaped human history: God’s kingdom has arrived in Jesus, and through Jesus the whole world would be redeemed, and we have the opportunity to be united with God. The Gospel is about what God has done for you through Jesus.

All of us must make a decision about this good news; no one is off the hook. We can either believe it or reject it.

A follower of Jesus is someone who has recognized that we’re broken and sinful people and realized that life isn’t working—a follower of Jesus has decided to confess and believe that they desperately need God, and that theyre ready to trust and fully follow Jesus.

Consider this question: Which group are you in right now?
• I want to keep investigating Jesus.
• I believe in Jesus and want to follow Jesus.
• I renew my commitment to follow Jesus.
• I am committed to believing in the Gospel of Jesus and allowing it to transform me.