What We Believe

Core Beliefs

What we believe is important. It's part of what unites us despite the beauty of our differences. We want to be up front about our beliefs because they shape us so powerfully as a community. In the following series of common questions and answers, you'll read a brief summary of our beliefs, which are in accord with the authorized statement of faith for the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Who Is God?

We believe the Bible identifies three distinct Persons—the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit—as the One Eternal and Infinite God, the Creator of all things. These three Persons share eternal loving relationship as the one triune God—what we Christians call the Trinity.

Why Is the Bible Important?

We believe the Bible is truly and uniquely God’s Word. The Holy Spirit so inspired the writers of the Old and New Testament Scriptures, without setting aside their humanity, that the very words of their original writings are his Word. We also believe that the Bibles we have today are accurate and authoritative regarding what we believe and how we should live.

Why Are People—and the Whole World—So Broken?

Though men and women are created in the image of God and there is real beauty in this, we believe that all people have sinned and have a broken relationship with God. Our rebellion affects all of human society. As a result, we are all in need of forgiveness, healing, and restoration to loving relationship with God. The alternative is an eternity of voluntary isolation from God's presence and goodness.

What Is God Doing about the Problem?

We believe sin brings guilt that deserves punishment but, because God loves us, God decided that the punishment for all sin would be borne by Jesus Christ when he died on the Cross. And Jesus, who rose from the dead, now offers forgiveness and new life to any who will receive his mercy by trusting that God is completely faithful to fulfill the promise of new life he has made to us in Jesus.

Can I Fix This Myself?

We believe that God freely offers us the gift of forgiveness for our sin and intimate relationship with himself. There’s nothing we can do to earn the gift that he offers, but we can receive it.

How Do I Receive God's Forgiveness and New Life?

We believe that if we trust in Christ and his death on our behalf, he forgives us and lives within us through the Person of the Holy Spirit. With a sincere change of heart, we turn away from sin because of a new and God-given desire to live for him. The Bible talks about someone who experiences this as being born into a new reality as one of God's children—a follower of Jesus.

How Do I Follow Jesus?

We believe there is a real and instantaneous spiritual transformation in the heart of someone who has received Christ by faith. This radically changes his or her heart—the seat of our deepest motivation. The resulting change in our conduct reflects this heart change. When God, the Holy Spirit, comes to live with us and in us, as the Bible promises, he brings a new life, new spiritual vitality, and a whole new set of desires that motivate us as we joyfully follow Jesus, our Savior and Lord.

What About Things Like Communion, Baptism, and Going to Church?

It's important that followers of Jesus meet regularly together "in the temple Courts" (large gatherings) and "house-to-house" (small groups), as was recorded of the early church in the Bible. That's why we encourage people who attend CrossPoint to prioritize our Sunday morning services and getting connected in a small community. Both types of gatherings are important to our spiritual growth.

In the Bible, we also read the story of Jesus’ last meal with his followers. He tells us to remember him by celebrating a similar “meal.” That is why we believe in the regular practice of the Lord’s Supper, or Communion. The bread and the grape juice symbolically proclaim the truth of Christ’s sacrificial death for our sins and spiritually feeds the new life in someone who participates in faithful obedience.

We believe that being baptized in water is an important act of obedience to a clear command of Jesus. It is a visible and public statement of what he has done in our lives and declares our desire to live for him. It is an outward expression of an inward decision to follow Jesus.

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