Resources for Our Online Gatherings

When you gather online with CrossPoint on Sundays at 9:30 a.m., we want you to experience a time of community  as we worship God together and discover more about how to trust and fully follow Jesus. This page offers some tips for making the most of our online gatherings.

Keeping the conversation going

After the gathering ends, we invite you to spend a few minutes discussing these five questions with your family or friends. Engaging in a focused discussion will help you grow as you trust and fully follow Jesus. And if you gather with CrossPoint on our church campus, we still encourage you to use these questions to keep the conversation going.

Question One

What did you sense the Holy Spirit revealing to you from the teaching today?

Question Two

Why would God want to cultivate the trait of resilience in us as followers of Jesus?

Question Three

When we become more like Jesus, how can that change our world—both the immediate world around us and the broader world?

Question Four

How have your default coping strategies fallen short during whatever difficulties you’re facing or you’ve recently faced?

Question Five

How do you see our current cultural moment as an opportunity for God to do a deeper work in your life?

Making the most of our time together

Check out the resources for kids, including a special morning service from our children's ministry team!
If you're new to the CrossPoint community, please fill out our digital connection card so we can connect with you this week.
You can give a tithe or offering on our giving page. It's also the spot to make a donation to the CrossPoint Cares Fund.
Share your story of how God is working in your life. We love hearing how you're trusting and fully following Jesus during this season when we can't gather face-to-face.
Each service goes live about 10 minutes before the scheduled time so we can share announcements and updates about the CrossPoint community. If you're on the broadcast page within that 10-minute window and don't see the slides appearing on our livestream, please refresh the page. Click HERE to join our service.