Leadership Transition

Here We Go!

After hearing from Pastor Andrew and Anna followed by a time to hear your questions, you spoke loud and clear CrossPoint family. Every Elder read every affirmation card you gave them and you OVERWHELMINGLY affirmed Andrew Wilson as our Lead Pastor. The Elders called Andrew and Anna to share the news that our Elders and church family have unitedly affirmed Andrew as our new Lead Pastor. 

So, what can you and I do to prepare for our new pastor?


Andrew has a lot of transitions in front of him to navigate. Andrew is leaving his role as our Worship Pastor and will be shifting his focus to key leaders throughout the church. There are a lot of loose ends to tie up and decisions to make as we regroup and reorganize these important ministries while also implementing our new discipleship strategies. Please pray for God to lead the right people to use their gifts in the right ministries. Listen to God as you talk to him about these things, and please pray for wisdom and vision for these ministries and our church.



As the summer progresses, we continue to be led in worship by Andrew and the rest of the worship leaders. We will continue to be led and taught by Pastor Tom and the teaching team through August while Andrew prepares to assume his new role in September. Remember, Andrew isn’t transitioning to Lead Pastor of CrossPoint to run things. He’s coming to help all of us grow spiritually and take next steps in our discipleship to Jesus, so prepare your heart over the next couple of months by asking God to show you where you need to take your next big spiritual step. It’s time to get moving family, which leads to what you can do next.



Sometimes, during times of change, people adopt a “I’ll just watch and see” approach. But we can’t afford to let that happen. If CrossPoint is to continue to develop more and better disciples of Jesus, each of us must look for new and fresh ways to participate in building the Kingdom of God. Maybe you start a fresh spiritual conversation with a friend. Maybe you investigate serving on one of our teams. Maybe you give God thanks with a special offering. Whatever it is, let’s step up and let’s get going!



Meet Andrew Wilson!

Transition Lead Pastor Tom Wilkens and Elder Bob Sischo introduce Lead Pastor Candidate, Andrew Wilson:

About Andrew 

The Wilson family, Wesley, Andrew, Nuelle and Anna

Andrew’s passion for following Jesus was sparked as a young boy while growing up in Portland, Oregon.  Being raised in a family that followed Jesus helped to cultivate in Andrew’s heart a love for God and a passion for the church.  All throughout his early childhood and formative years, Andrew served in various church ministries while stepping into various leadership opportunities along the way.  While in high school, Andrew’s family planted a church in the central part of California where he led his first formal ministry as worship leader. Andrew served as worship director at his church through college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and after, a graduate degree in teaching.
Sensing God’s lead to pursue formal Bible training, Andrew went to Multnomah University, back in Portland, moving north with his new bride Anna.  While working on his Master of Divinity degree, Andrew served on the leadership team at the seminary and as a worship leader at a church in the urban core of the city.  During this time, God aligned Andrew’s path with a church planter who was starting a new community in SW Portland.  Andrew and Anna obeyed the leading of God by staying in Portland, joining a planting team as a community pastor.  Andrew led and developed discipleship pathways, missional communities, and was part of the teaching team, helping to birth and grow this church plant to levels of sustainability.  After apprenticing another pastor, Andrew handed off his position and began to start asking God what would be the next chapter in building the Kingdom.
In preparation for what God had next, Andrew and Anna moved south to California where they both served as teachers in the Clovis Unified School District. Andrew continued to impact the Kingdom as a math teacher and director of the water polo and swimming program. His natural ability to lead did not go unnoticed and he was soon given greater leadership positions in the math department and the water polo/men’s and women’s swimming program. Andrew was instrumental in the lives of countless students as he lived out and shared his love for Jesus in a secular school system. His skill for disciple making was further honed through his coaching experiences as he eventually built a championship caliber water sports team.
After three years of leading and ministering in the school district God began to open doors back into church leadership. Through God’s providence Andrew became aware of the Worship Pastor position CrossPoint Alliance had open at the time. Many conversations about the role and potential for future leadership where had with the leadership team at CrossPoint. After a several months discerning process the leadership of CrossPoint and Andrew and Anna agreed that God was giving a green light for him to join the staff as the Worship Arts and Communication Pastor. The Wilson’s relocated to the Lewis/Clark Valley in September of 2017.
For the last two years Andrew has led worship at the weekly services with a sincere and spirit anointed heart. His true joy as a pastor, though, has been raising up and developing the worship team and an emerging young adults group. There are now multiple worship leaders and several new additions to the worship team. Andrew has developed new leadership on the technical teams and enhanced the overall worship experience through lighting, stage and space enhancements. Andrew has also stepped onto the teaching team where his spirit-filled communication gift has been overwhelmingly evident and his teaching gifts have helped the other members of the teaching team develop their gifts. Also, Andrew is pursuing a doctoral degree in Discipleship and Spiritual Formation from Talbot School of Theology (Biola University). 

As a leader, Andrew is passionate about following Jesus and helping others discover and follow Jesus as well.  His desire is that people would find Jesus and learn to follow him fully as his disciples.  Allowing the Spirit and Word of God to guide his life, Andrew is intentional to live what he says with integrity.  He is a natural and authentic communicator, teaching the Bible in ways that are accessible to everyone, regardless of where one might find themselves in their faith journey. 
Andrew and Anna have two children. Their son, Wesley is an inquisitive two-year-old with a robust personality.  With so many boys in the extended family, they were blown away when God gifted them a daughter, Nuelle, just nine months ago. 

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Our Journey to Find a Lead Pastor:

  • February 2018 Lead Pastor transition began.
  • April 2018 Elders invited our church to participate in the Vital Church Health Assessment in order to listen well to the community and consider God’s future call for CrossPoint.
  • June-August 2018 Elders prayerfully considered and made next step decisions regarding the Lead Pastor transition.
  • September 2018 Commissioning of Transition Lead Pastor Tom Wilkens. 
  • October-December 2018 CrossPoint engaged in three church-wide summits looking at the past, present and future of CrossPoint.
  • January 2019 Pastor profile was finalized and a nation-wide search began for the next Lead Pastor. 
  • February 2019 Town Hall Gatherings began in order for leadership to listen well to the church community during the transition.
  • February-June 2019 Search Team vetted applicants and interviews were conducted and the top candidates were passed to the Elders and Field Leaders for further interviewing and prayerful discernment.
  • July 2019 Andrew Wilson was introduced and affirmed as Lead Pastor. 
  • September 2019 Andrew Wilson was commissioned as Lead Pastor.




Communication with our church family is paramount during this season of transition. We believe providing opportunities to dialogue together is important. If you have any questions, please email  .

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