Groups Guide

Message from CrossPoint Leadership

At CrossPoint we believe everyone has a next step to take in their spiritual journey so whether you are brand new to our church or consider yourself a veteran around here, the Groups Guide is a valuable resource to help you engage in your spiritual life and in our church. We believe real transformation happens in our lives when we are in relationships where we can dialogue and process our journeys with each other. We were made to be in community, we were designed to be with each other and to need each other.

The Groups Guide will help you move from a spectator in the large crowd on Sundays to smaller groups where you can join with others who are wanting to grow closer to Jesus and each other…who want to serve each other and our community. We’re not asking you to take a next step in every area but we believe there is an area that is your next step if you will simply ask God to reveal that to you. When you get a sense for what that is, go for it! Be proactive about your spiritual growth. Be brave and step into community. You may need to adjust your schedule or prioritize your time so you can invest in your relationship with Jesus and your CrossPoint family. We believe it will be worth it!

 So join us on this journey as together we will follow Jesus and point our friends and family to the One who has made such a difference in our lives.


Serving with you,


Your CrossPoint Leadership Team