CP Youth Ministry

Vision: the why of CPYM

To help young people build a foundation of discipleship to Jesus through a real relationship with him. 

Values: the what of CPYM

  • To intentionally make disciples of Jesus in community (real relationship with Jesus and others).
  • To encourage missional living through gospel experiences.
  • To create FUN, simple, meaningful, organic, and excellent experiences.  
  • To integrate students into the larger community of CP.
  • To develop young emerging influencers to be disciple makers.  

Expression: the how/rhythms of CPYM

  • Wed night CP communities 6-7:30p @ CrossPoint.
  • Wed night YM PARTY 6-8p @ CrossPoint.  Dates Sept 22, Oct 16, Nov 13, Dec 11
  • Sunday morning is for church together and serving on ministry teams. 

For more information, contact .



Q: Do I need a permission slip?
A: Not for our weekly meetings.  For any off campus excursions, a slip is required. Medical Release  

Q:  Do I or my student need to be a member of CrossPoint Alliance Church for them to attend youth events?
A:  No.  Any student is welcome to our programs.

Q:  Are there any dues or fees?
A:  Not for our weekly programs.  There are fees for special events and camps such as Quest, Reach, Enter and the National Youth Conference. 

Q:  What in the world are you teaching my kid?!
A:  If you would like more information, email to receive parent update emails. You can also like our "CrossPoint Youth Parents Group" on Facebook for updates and resources. 

Q:  I am a parent, how can I be involved?
A:  Email   to find out ways that we can get you involved.